100% Working Fake Whatsapp Number 2022 | fake whatsapp number india

 Fake WhatsApp Number 2022 How To Get Fake Number 100% Free For WhatsApp, nowadays many people want to make their chat private because WhatsApp comes with new privacy policy guidelines for its customers, so they think they can use Whatsapp It is not safe to chat with your native personal in messenger. numbers. They need a fake WhatsApp account to chat anonymously without showing their original identity to Whatsapp or Facebook.

How To Create a Fake WhatsApp Account With Indian Number

To create a fake WhatsApp account you have to follow the given below 5 steps and claim a fake WhatsApp number and create your WhatsApp account with a US number.

  • you need to install a VPN called proxy vpnify
  • Connect to United States Server
  • Install a free US number for WhatsApp provider
  • Claim a free US virtual number eligible for WhatsApp
  • Lastly, create your fake WhatsApp account absolutely free.

how to get the fake number for WhatsApp free 2022

To get fake WhatsApp numbers for WhatsApp there are many apps in the play store that will provide free foreign virtual numbers for WhatsApp fake accounts. By using their services we can get fake numbers for WhatsApp accounts. One of the best apps is called TextMeUp, this app is providing eligible WhatsApp numbers for free in some countries, so by connecting VPN to another country server, we can claim a free US number for WhatsApp.

How to get your WhatsApp number for free?

To get US WhatsApp numbers for free you need to install and open an app called Vanity.

  • After installing this app, open your Google account and sign up.
  • Next, select the server for the United States or United Kingdom VPN server (as shown in the picture below)
  • After connecting the VPN to the US server just minimize the app and move on to the next steps.

How to get a fake WhatsApp number for free?

How to get a fake WhatsApp number for free?
Install TextMeUp app to get fake numbers for WhatsApp. This app is providing a free virtual number for WhatsApp messenger. Just follow the given instructions.
  • After installing the TextMeUp app, create an account in Google. 

  • Select Get phone number! Option to claim a free virtual number.

  • Randomly select the areas you want!

  • I chose an Arizona number that starts with +1 (928)

How to claim a fake WhatsApp number

After completing all the steps from above we have to verify that those numbers are eligible for either account creation.
  • Open WhatsApp randomly enter virtual numbers in the list.
  • Click Next to confirm
  • You can clearly see that this number is banned from using WhatsApp.
  • Do not worry! just try with other remaining numbers

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  • I did a 3D virtual number

  • Bingo! It's amazing that this number is eligible to create a fake WhatsApp account
  • Click OK to activate WhatsApp account with this US number
  • Simply select that eligible number in the TextMeUp app.
  • Open WhatsApp App and Click on Call Me Option
  • You will get a call from WhatsApp to US virtual number from the app.
  • Accept the call and enter the OTP. Boyah! Your fake Whatsapp account was created with a fake WhatsApp number for free this is the latest and 100% working trick in 2021.
  • After creating an account you will need to enable two-step verification to keep your account safe from anyone else.
  • Finally, you can see that the fake account for WhatsApp has been created successfully.
  • By this working method, you can create a Whatsapp account without a phone number.

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